Armed Security Guard Training

We provide armed security guard training for security companies such as Dunbar Armored, AT Systems, U.S. Security Associates Inc, Safe Harbor Investigations, Securitas and Blackhawk Protective Service; in addition, we have conducted training overseas.  When the bar needs to be raised, you can count on APS to provide strict classroom, field and range training beyond the Georgia State standards.

We expect APS certified guards to be a step above the rest.  APS provides the classroom, the instructors and the materials in-house.  We don’t outsource our armed security training.  Come to us when you need the training!

Our security guards are expected to exceed Georgia State Standards through the use of classroom and field training.  They are expected to score 95% or better in order to become an APS security agent.  Review our Security Guard Requirements versus the top 3 largest armed security guard companies.

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