Security Consulting

APS offers a wide array of security, investigative, training and consulting services. Our unique expertise in these areas enables us to help corporations, small companies, residential organizations and individuals to precisely determine their needs. This is an invaluable service that helps develop security solutions that are specific to the client’s needs.

Consulting services include but are not limited to: External and internal business security evaluations, property security management plans, threat assessments, home security evaluations, asset security transportation plans, in addition to civil and criminal investigation analysis.

Consultations will include a direct meeting with the client, at a minimum. The outcome of the initial meeting generates a written proposal submitted to the client defining the next steps in the process which is followed by implementation of the assignment. If required, a final report submitted at the completion of the project.

Our consultants are all highly skilled and trained in the security industry and each consultant assigned to meet with you will be individually selected based on the type of security matter you are addressing to guarantee your experience is productive.