Apartment Tenant’s Security Tips

How safe are you in your apartment community that you live?

Once you arrive in your apartment and lock the door, is that the ultimate protection for crime?

In the culture of apartment dwellers, the apartment that you live in should be the safe haven for you and your family. Keep in mind that your apartment is the only environment where you can control the people that get close to you and your family. Once outside the safe haven of the apartment, learning ways to becoming less of a victim (by knowing your environment and ways to avoid hazardous areas and actions) could keep you and your family safe no matter where you are.

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Rose Colored Safety Glasses?

Most people walk around in a state of unawareness or have the attitude that bad stuff happens to others. They remain preoccupied with thoughts of work, personal issues, bills, or kid’s activities, with no thought to their immediate environment.

By not paying attention to their surroundings, they place themselves in needless jeopardy.

We call this walking around with Rose Colored Glasses.

A gentleman named Jeff Cooper, came up with a system to help people adapt to their environment.  It is called the Cooper Color Code. This is a mental system that has certain levels of awareness to keep your body and mind sharp. The system is made up of four sections or colors: white, yellow, orange and red. [Read more…]