Leadership Team

Leadership is the key component to a successful organization. The values, desire for excellence, and the emphasis on customer satisfaction all are products of the company’s leadership. We feel it is important you are introduced to the APS Leadership Teams.

Advisory Board

Mr. Farrow has established a very impressive, highly experienced Advisory Board to assist him in guiding Advanced Protective Services. The members of the Advisory Board listed below illustrate APS’s commitment to the highest level of service and performance.

  • Colonel Wayne Long: US Army Delta Force
  • Captain Peter Symasko: US Navy Special Warfare
  • Major Richard Comerford: US Army Special Forces
  • Lieutenant Commander Michael Walsh: US Navy Special Warfare


Colonel Wayne Long - US Army Delta Force

Retired Colonel U.S. Army Special Forces. Former Intelligence Officer, Staff Officer, Battalion and Special Forces Commander with twenty nine years of distinguished Military and Intelligence Service. Director of Business Development for Beta Analytics International and Vice President of Business Development with D&D Aviation, Kenya with Executive authority in subsidiary Trackmark Aviation, Nairobi. Nine years as Chief United Nations Security Advisor Somalia and former Chief Consultant to Undersecretary General of the United Nations for Security Operations at United Nations Headquarters in New York. UK Trained, Certified and Successfully Proven Hostage Incident Manager and Negotiator on the African Continent.

Captain Peter Symasko - US Navy Special Warfare

Security Special OperationsRetired US Navy Captain, Special Operations Officer and Ship Qualified Officer of the Deck. Graduate of the US Navy Deep Sea Diving and Salvage School with extensive Diving, Salvage, Harbor Clearance, Ocean Towing and Underwater Demolition Operations. Former Commander of SEAL Team 2 Detachment 201 and a Certified Navy Explosive Ordnance Safety Inspector. Now award winning Architect with a Masters of Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and as a former Senior Architect for Arabian Bechtel Ltd. in Jubayl has extensive travel in Mideast, Asia and Africa. Former Visiting Adjunct Professor of Strategy at the Naval War College in Newport and a Lecturer on Shipwrecks, Maritime Security and Piracy.


Key Team Members

Timothy Farrow – Founder and President

Mr. FarAtlanta Georgiarow has an extensive background in security operations and is a proven leader. He is a former US Army Infantry Officer and Alabama POST Certified Police Officer. He has a combined military, law enforcement and security history spanning over 33 years. He holds multiple certifications in a wide range of security and emergency management programs. After his Honorable discharge from the military, he joined the law enforcement community and quickly established himself. He was soon functioning as the Field Training Officer for newly hired police officers. He also became the primary instructor for the reserve police officers.

After leaving the law enforcement profession, he started Advanced Protective Services. Mr. Farrow then became a licensed Private Investigator, a Georgia Licensed Weapons Instructor and a Classroom Instructor for private detectives and security agencies. In addition, he is an NRA certified Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Personal Defense, Home Defense and Range Safety Instructor. Mr. Farrow holds two Black Belts. In 1998, he won the International Karate Circuit World Championship for his division.

Mr. Farrow also holds several Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) Certifications which include those listed below: Critical Infrastructure Protection, Key resource management, Homemade Improvised Explosive Devices, Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices, and Critical Infrastructure Threat Assessment.

Mr. Farrow has extensive worldwide experience in complicated high-risk security operations overseas. Further, he is an Executive Protection Specialist who has protected such individuals as Oliver North, Miss America, R.E.M. and the Prime Minister of Ethiopia while on his visit to Atlanta.

Stephen Search – Director of Domestic Operations and Investigations

Steve SearchMr. Search has extensive domestic and international experience in professional security services. He began his career in law enforcement with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and later transferred to the Lighthouse Point Police Department in Broward County, Florida. His law enforcement career spans twenty years. During his years of service, he served as a marine patrol officer, investigator, field training officer and forensic sketch artist.  Mr. Search finished out his law enforcement career as a Sergeant with the LPPD.

Mr. Search worked in Afghanistan from 2009-2013 as a security contractor for the Department of State and Department of Defense. He served as a Firearms Instructor and a Special Weapons and Tactics Instructor for the Afghan National Police Force at the Special Police Training Center in Wardak, Afghanistan. As a training supervisor, Mr. Search honed his expertise in operational management by facilitating the training of over one hundred and fifty police recruits per class. He also had direct responsibility of Personal Security Detail Operations.

In addition to twenty-four years of public and private security operations, he is certified by the Department of Justice as a Master Instructor. He is also a licensed private investigator with the state of Georgia. Mr. Search also holds a commercial fixed wing pilots license, a commercial helicopter rating, and has experience in agricultural, and law enforcement flight operations.

Rachel Harner - Office Administration

rachel-harner-200x300Ms. Harner is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps with extensive experience in leadership and organizational management. She is currently attending Kennesaw State University in pursuit of a B.S. She is responsible for accounts payable, billings, general bookkeeping, and human resources. Rachel originally worked as an Armed Agent and Private Investigator, but her organizational skills and attention to detail swiftly led to a position managing the financial aspects and employee relations for the company.

Ken Bobb – Business Development

Ken BobbMr. Bobb graduated from Valdosta State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. He has extensive experience in all aspects of the security industry.

Since joining the APS team, Mr. Bobb has been involved in several high-risk security matters including but not limited to: executive protection, hostile terminations, armed escort asset protection, complex investigative case management, facility threat assessment, and comprehensive security protocol development.

He has functioned as the security consultant for MTV and the Style networks and provided executive protection to several celebrities and professional athletes.

Jeff Arko – Security Operations, Training, and Sales

LLE_1249Mr. Arko has contract security management experience in excess of 30 years in the Atlanta security market. He served as Vice President for his family business, Arko Executive Services, prior to its sale to U.S. Security Associates in 2003. Mr. Arko worked as a Branch Manager for U. S. Security Associates from 2003, until providing expertise to Vinson Guard Service in 2008. As of January 2015, Advanced Protective Services has welcomed Mr. Arko and his extensive protection experience as an administrative member dedicated to training, operations, and sales.

Mr. Arko received his training instructor certification in 2010 by the Georgia Board of Private Detective & Security Agencies. This instructor certification allows him to conduct unarmed, as well as armed training on all security officers working in the State of Georgia. Mr. Arko has a proven track record in the security industry. He stands ready to offer quality security management experience and support for your account.

Katelin Price - Office Administration

Ms. Price is actively pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree from University of Phoenix. She has 10 years of experience in customer service and 5 years of experience in Sales and Administration. As Mr. Farrow’s executive assistant, Ms. Price manages daily responsibilities, client and employee contacts, as well as supporting Human Resources when needed. Ms. Price maintains company inventory purchasing and records. She is also the lead for Website Optimization, Marketing, and Social Media Networking. Additionally, Ms. Price is responsible for organization of APS events such as Trade Shows, Career Fairs, Training Classes, and Speaker Seminars.
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Brent Gaffey – Sales Associate

Mr. Gaffey has 8 years of Sales experience, 3 of which have been dedicated to Advanced Protective Services. As the Primary Sales Representative, Mr. Gaffey has organized security consultations, managed client relations, and maintained satisfaction for current APS clients. He is adept with communication and product presentation, making him perfect for aiding in understanding APS processes and operations.

Jessica Davis

jessica-davis-200x300Ms. Davis graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor Degree in Psychology. With over 10 years of experience in customer service, Jessica is currently in charge of Customer Relations for APS. With her vast array of consumer communication expertise, she creates and maintains exceptional relationships with both new and repeat clientele on each assignment.