Compare Security Companies In Atlanta GA

Compiled in early 2011, we show below the security guard training requirements for three (3) of the largest security companies in Georgia vs Advanced Protective Services.  You will notice that APS training requirements are the highest in the industry.

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Advanced Protective Services Securitas Norred & Associates US Security Associates Required for Private Security
Officer Employment
Former Law Enforcement, Military or BA in Criminal Justice
Physical Training Standards (push-up, sit-ups & run)
Height and Weight Standard
Psychological Evaluation & Screening
Drug Test before Hiring
Annual Drug Screen (required)
Background Check
95% 80% 80% 80% Minimum Standard for Weapons Qualification
Monthly Weapons Practice (free for employees)
Annual Weapons Qualification (required)
45 + Annual Continual Training Requirements (in hours)
Observe and Report Criminal Activity
Arrest Perpetrators & CT Violators From Property