Specialties of APS

Private Security Officers’ Background

Advanced Protective Services has several associates with a background in military special operations, one of whom has almost 20-years experience training civilian police tactical units. The associates have developed several programs of instruction based on courses that they have successfully taught to military units and civilian law enforcement agencies. The aforementioned courses are titled as follows:  Special Reaction Team, Close Quarters Battle, Counter Sniper, Rappel Master, Helicopter Rappelling, Helicopter Rappel Master, Dismounted Patrolling and Maritime Operations. The Programs of Instruction are available on request.


Two of APS' associates are retired Navy Seal officersSpecialty Training. They have developed, pursuant to the
Maritime Security Transportation Act, a unique three-phase program for assessing the security of ports, harbors, roadsteads, river ways, and coastal and high seas commerce lanes. After the initial assessment, a computer simulation sequence validates the appraisal to lay the foundation for the third and final portion. The last segment of the program entails training and testing key personnel as well as fielding new equipment. Also included in the above cited methods are budget forecasts, equipment recommendations and personnel training programs. A real-time simulation exercise designed to test the entire security system caps the three program package.

Escort Units

Relief RespondersManpower for security operations, particularly manpower organized into trained and disciplined small units, is in short supply worldwide. Military veterans with a Special Operations background command impressive salaries. However many of the tasks for which they are currently employed can be effectively accomplished by thoroughly trained, small units composed of individuals with less impressive resumes but greater group cohesion and with correspondingly smaller salaries. APS has developed a competitive plan to recruit, train, equip and organize young men into small protective units, up to 40-men in size. These units are beneficial for security operations, both inside and outside of the United States, for both specific and limited periods of time. At the end of the specified task-period the escort unit would be stood down or relieved in place with a like unit. This system eliminates many of the personnel problems and associated costs which are currently plaguing the industry.

Proud to Serve!

One of APS’s proudest assignments was being asked two days after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, to run a heavily armed 36 man special tactical team for approximately 12 months in the devastated upper and lower ninth wards. APS is honored to have been engaged in New Orleans through conducting progressive training in security protocols and procedures for local companies and the Jefferson Parish Police.