October’s Speaker Series

Advanced ProtectiveSpeaker Series  Services would like to thank The Georgian Club for having Mr. Timothy Farrow as a guest speaker for their October Seminar Series. The topic of identity theft was thought provoking and affected many participants in the room. Mr. Farrow shared some great preventative measures and ways to recognize potential threats.

Take a look at what our attendees had to say:

"Dear Mr. Farrow,

Just returned from attending your seminar.  It was very informative and we greatly appreciate your sharing this information and the helpful handout with us. “ Forewarned is forearmed”.  Thank you for your valuable advice and wide experience, helpful tips and concrete ways and means to protect ourselves.  Also, we honor and thank you for your service to our country.  


Susan & David Wallace"

Mr. Timothy FarTim Farrow Trainingrow has extensive experience training and teaching others about safety and security. He knowledgable in many subject areas including basic self defense, weapons handling, confrontation resolution, and more!

If you would like to have Mr. Farrow lecture or teach a training class, contact us today!