How to Prevent and Respond to a Child Abduction

We never want to think it is possible, but the unfortunate truth is child abductions do happen. With help from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, we can at least try to prevent it, and have a plan to respond should an incident ever occur. This Free Ebook will cover necessary precautions to avoid…
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How to Be Prepared for an Active Shooter

Advanced Protective Services wants to enable our friends and colleagues to be as safe as possible! Take a look at Homeland Security's Active Shooter Guidelines. This information can help you avoid many unexpected situations and teach you how to remain prepared at all times! Homeland Security's active shooter guide teaches how to be alert, first steps…
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Bomb Threat Preparation and Safety Tips

In light of recent political tensions, Advanced Protective Services cares to inform everyone about the benefits of preparation. Unfortunately, dangerous situations and unexpected events are occurring more frequently in present times. We feel the following articles are useful to keep you, your business,  and your loved ones safe. Homeland Security Bomb Threat Awareness Click here for…
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Private Security Officers vs Public Law Enforcement

Private security firms have more authority on private property than police. The police cannot stop anyone to ask if they live on property, what they are doing, etc. Off Duty Law Enforcement working a part time job... Legal ramifications of any issue on a part-time job. Off duty police are expensive. Private security operates in…
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